ur professional whisky tasters are ready to share their knowledge and experience. We will introduce you to the world of whisky and its flavours and aromas through our special whisky tasting experience.

You will learn about the process of making whisky,and its history.This will include interesting details about different distilleries, legends and many more secrets of this noble drink. A tasting may contain up to six different single malt whiskies. We choose the samples to include a range of flavours from the different regions of Scotland. If you prefer we can select a range from within one region, or perhaps one distillery. Tasting can be held in our Whisky bar 44 tasting lounge or at a place of your choice.

Tasting in Whisky bar 44 is held in a private lounge where our trained staff will perform the tasting. To keep your pallet clear when tasting, smoked seafood platter and cheese selections may be served half way through the tasting. For comfort we recommend groups of 5 – 15 guests. Reservation is required in advance. For something slightly unusual, at your event we can provide a tasting at you reception or function, with a “tasting corner”. This is recommended where guests numbers are in excess of forty. Two professional will be at your service to provide recommendations. The number of varieties & scarcity is chosen with the host in collaboration with Whisky Bar44.